Actores que también fueron o son cantantes.

By | September 16, 2016

#1 Madonna

Resultado de imagen para Madonna


#2 Jennifer Lopez

Resultado de imagen para Jennifer Lopez

#3 Eminem

Resultado de imagen para Eminem

#4 Mick Jagger

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#5 Justin Timberlake

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#6 Beyoncé

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#7 Mariah Carey

Resultado de imagen para Mariah Carey


6 thoughts on “Actores que también fueron o son cantantes.

  1. picaram

    All of them are great singer and began their acting career. But Will Smith used to be a singer and even won a Grammy awarded in the Rap category. And Cher won a Best Actress Oscar (a rarity for a comedy), I think they could be in the list also.

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