Call of Duty: World at War + Zombie Realism v.2.2 + Map Pack

By | October 11, 2011

Mod by HOG Rampage

Quote: Call of Duty: World at War Zombie Realism v.2.2 Map Pack 2011 (Mod by HOG Rampage) | Release: 2011 | PC | English | Developer: Treyarch | Publisher: Activision Blizzard | 2.16 GB | Genre: Action / Shooter / Mods Maps

Zombie Realism – a mod that adds many new Fitch in zombie mode. For example, a rating system with 65 rows / 10 levels of prestige, 10 new weapons, bosses, rounds, custom classes, and more! It is also included in the distribution of a collection of cards "zombie_realism_v2_map_pack".

Map Pack includes all the currently available three parts

In this fashion a weapon out of CoD4 and CoD5
The rank system (65 ranks 10 levels of prestige)
The ability to create a class (after 65 rank)
4 difficulty levels
– Light
– Norm
– Veteran
– Harkod
There is a zombie bosses
Otdelnnaya game with a timer survival zombie crawl nepriryvnoy wave (very hard)
There is a 4th class player
– Suport – provides boxes of ammunition (being next to the boxes you gradually restores cartridges)
– Soldier – improving health
– Engineer – the ability to quickly zakalachivat windows include electricity and pitfalls chenit perk machine
– Medic – The ability to treat the wounded, very quickly voostanavlivaet your health
– Custom Class – available on 65 lvl
Quick Revive – Fast resurrection, may be used only medic vooskreshenie is instantaneous, all the other classes will use the usual Revive
upgrade 1 – momentary voostanovlenie
Exstrime condition – you can run farther and faster
upgrade 1 – x3 distance running speed of 10
upgrade 2 – x4 distance running speed of 20
Double tap – Increases the rate of 75%
upgrade 1 – Increases the rate of 85%
upgrade 2 – Increases the rate of 95%
Stopping power – weapon does 20% damage
upgrade 1 – weapon does 25% damage
upgrade 2 – weapon does 30% damage
Juggernaut – increases health by 160%
upgrade 1 – Increases health by 190%
upgrade 2 – Increases health by 220%
Sleight of Hand – reload speed 50% faster
upgrade 1 – reload speed 60% faster
upgrade 2 – reload speed 70% faster
Overkill – you can carry 3 weapons
Steady aim – increases the accuracy of fire
upgrade one – increases the accuracy of shooting 72%
upgrade 2 – Increases shooting accuracy 79%

Map Pack
Map Pack includes all the currently available three parts:
MAP PACK # 1 (Updated in v2.2) MAP PACK # 2 (Updated in v2.2) MAP PACK # 3
* Nazi_zombie_afterwar_mw * chemplant_eliteV2.01 * dead_sand_elite
* Nazi_zombie_anzio * nazi_zombie_berlinkbank_v2 * nazi_zombie_abandon
* Nazi_zombie_cimetiere * nazi_zombie_bonzai * nazi_zombie_creek
* Nazi_zombie_col * nazi_zombie_const * nazi_zombie_dawn2
* Nazi_zombie_cor * nazi_zombie_corrosion * nazi_zombie_doom3x
* Nazi_zombie_core2 * nazi_zombie_hq * nazi_zombie_op4
* Nazi_zombie_demise * nazi_zombie_killzone revisited v1.1
* Nazi_zombie_doom * nazi_zombie_rage2_v2
* Nazi_zombie_fruchurch * nazi_zombie_ufso
* Nazi_zombie_frumansion * nuclear_silo
* Nazi_zombie_fruxtreme * simpsons
* Nazi_zombie_gould
* Nazi_zombie_hm
* Nazi_zombie_labo
* Nazi_zombie_rage
* Nazi_zombie_subway
* Nazi_zombie_the_river
* Nazi_zombie_tun
* Nazi_zombie_western

Features v2 (changelog / in english)
v2.1 Hotfix Progress
Added – More maps have been added to the map packs.
Fixed – Bug where the random box would freeze (and not let you take the weapon) has been fixed.
Fixed – Juggernaut should no longer have the one-hit bug.
Fixed – Timed gameplay now works correctly on nazi_zombie_hq.
Fixed – Bug where you could not buy ammo for certain weapons has been fixed.
Fixed – Kills with the Kar98k are no longer automatically counted as headshots.
Fixed – Bug where players would start in spectator mode in nazi_zombie_killzone has been fixed.
Fixed – Headshot counter should now display the correct amount of headshots.
Fixed – Bug where only one boss round would work has been fixed.
Fixed – All supported maps should now run without errors.
Fixed – Bug where you would respawn with no weapons has been fixed.
Fixed – Bug that caused several repeat powerups to spawn once a boss was killed has been fixed.
Fixed – Custom class with medic ability now has correct revive time.
Fixed – The ‘Arisaka’ is now spelled correctly in the class menu.
Fixed – ‘Failed to join session in progress’ error should no longer occur (you should not have to restart CoD: WaW).
Changed – Max ammo is now given after a boss is killed during boss rounds (it will give max ammo to all players, but it is NOT a powerup).
Changed – Cost of random box has been lowered to 1350.
Changed – Old scoring system is back (points for damaging zombies, etc.).
Changed – All weapons are in mystery box, including modern weapons.
Changed – The class menu no longer opens when spectating (was causing bugs on several maps). It opens only when you respawn.
Changed – The STG44 has been moved back to ‘Submachine Guns’ in the class menu.

Zombie Realism v2
Fixed – Double Points and Insta-kill icons no longer overlap ammo box icon.
Fixed – Stielhandgranates can now be bought. They also don’t let you buy over and over, even if at 4.
Fixed – Modern weapons should no longer show up in the random box before round 7.
Fixed – Rank Progress Bar now shows up correctly. It’s also been re-alligned.
Fixed – Upgraded Flamethrower now recharges.
Fixed – Second Chance no longer takes all perks. It only takes Second Chance (you must buy it again if you want it).
Fixed – Sticky grenades should no longer be given if you have monkey bombs.
Fixed – Perks no longer overlap the intro text.
Fixed – Other players can now take weapons from the random box after 4-5 seconds.
Fixed – Extra perk icon on re-spawn should no longer show up.
Fixed – The Help menu now shows the correct rank unlocks info for the Desert Eagle, Double-Barrel, and the Sawed-off Double-Barrel.
Fixed – Timed gameplay no longer causes game to restart right away after every player is dead (no longer spawns players with only pistol).
Fixed – Custom class now correctly saves.
Fixed – Overkill perk no longer takes third weapon after going down.
Fixed – The help menu now shows ‘Extreme Conditioning’ under the correct rank.
Fixed – The random box no longer freezes in Der Riese.
Fixed – Bosses now spawn correctly after the first boss round.
Fixed – The perk icon after losing second chance now changes to the correct icon.
Fixed – The text for the perks and secondary grenades now show up correctly.
Fixed – Switching from upgraded Panzershrek to a different weapon no longer takes the Panzershrek.
Fixed – Buyable stielhandgranates in Verruckt now work correctly.
Fixed – Buyable molotovs in nazi_zombie_western now work correctly.
Fixed – Juggernaut now regenerates health correctly.
Fixed – Difficulty, timed gameplay, and boss settings now save (no longer reset everytime you open the main menu, etc.).
Fixed – The bug where you could not buy second chance from the perk machine after losing second chance has been fixed.
Fixed – The bug where you would be given sticky grenades after revive even if they were not picked in the class menu has been fixed.
Changed – ‘Rifles’ has been replaced with ‘Assault Rifles’ and ‘Semi-automatic Rifles’ in the class menu.
Changed – The ‘STG44’ has been moved to ‘Assault Rifles’ in the class menu.
Changed – The Double-Barrel is now unlocked at 28.
Changed – The Sawed-off Double-Barrel is now unlocked at 32.
Changed – Trench Gun Grip now has six shots.
Changed – The folder name for the mod has been changed to ‘zombie_realism_mod’.
Changed – There are now 65 ranks. Prestige has also been added.
Changed – One modern weapon is unlocked per prestige level (rank 10 on each prestige).
Changed – The random box now only has weapons that are ‘good’ (and modern weapons show up starting on round 7).
Changed – The random box cost has been increased to 2000.
Changed – M16 replaced with G36C.
Changed – M4 M203 replaced with M4 Red Dot.
Changed – W1200 Winchester replaced with M1014.
Changed – All classes now save your kit setup (they reset each prestige, however).
Changed – Custom class now saves your ability.
Changed – Modern weapons are now only in the mystery box (removed from class menu). You must have them unlocked in order to get them from the mystery box.
Changed – Prestige now only resets challenges and rank xp. You keep your weapons, etc., But you must setup your classes again.
Added – Rank XP required is now shown under the rank progress bar (it should not cause any errors / crashes as it used to).
Added – A message shows at the top where the rank bar is when you are able to prestige.
Added – You can now view challenge progress for your current weapon by pressing B-> 1.
Added – You can now view your stats, challenges, etc. in-game via the options menu (click ‘Challenges’).
Added – Perk machines must be repaired after the power is on before you can buy from them. In Shi No Numa and Nacht Der Untoten, you must just repair them, since there’s no power switch.
Added – There is now an ‘inventory’ for offhand weapons, such as satchel charges and mortar rounds. If you have mortar rounds and you buy satchel charges, the mortar will be put into an inventory slot. You can swap inventory items anytime you want by pressing ‘B’ on your keyboard, followed by pressing ‘1 ‘.
Added – There is now a head shot streak counter to the right side of the screen (right above the player score).

Install and run
Run the file "zombie_realism_v2.2.exe"
Set modification
Upon completion of a successful installation, you are ready to start modifying
To install the card after the installation of the mod folder contents "zombie_realism_v2_map_pack" throws in "User/Name/AppData/Local/Activision/CoDWaW/mods/zombie_realism_v2"
Folder – "hidden"


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