codigos (cheat) para megaman zero 4 gameboy avance

By | January 14, 2012

hola taringueros !!

en este post les dare unos codigos o mejor dicho cheats de megaman zero 4


-primero abren el juego
-van a cheat list
-van a codebreaker o gameshark (no recuerdo bien xD)
-donde dice code copien y peguen el codigo y en descripcion escriben lo que quieran xD!
-pulsen ok y disfruten

Megaman Zero 4 codes ( 100% working but still glitched )

US version enable code:
0000D460 000A
101269E8 0007

Jump to the end of the intro level
72036656 0002
82036656 0010
*Just a lil’ code here, this code can kill you if you leave it on in after the intro level, ‘coz it’s a level section jumper.

Jump to the boss in Area Zero
72036656 0002
82036656 001D
*Should only use this one in "Area Zero", to jump straight to the boss. Since it doesn’t give adequate time for the tiles of that area to load, the boss might look a bit odd..

Extra rapid fire buster
32036748 0001

Rapid Fire Specials!
32036700 0001
*Now you can rapid fire stuff like lasers and even the move to grab weapons!
Err, Ok well you have to throw away your weapon from in the start menu, or else the game might crash. It can’t be helped since there is no 8-bit "if" type code for GBA.

Possible Enable Code
0000D460 000A
101269EC 0007

Possible Enable Code
0000D460 000A
100014CA 0007

Teleport anywhere to view ending
7203660C 0A01
820303DE 1111
*Select a level from the area select menu, and initiate teleportation to view the ending of the game.

Black Zero
83002CD4 0000
83002CD6 2885
83002CD8 A101
83002CDA 2128

Freeze Last Boss Timer
7202DAF4 1AE0
8202DAF4 1AEC

Purple Saber/Gun
83002CE8 FC9F
83002CF0 FC96
83002CF2 F899
83002CF6 FC96
83002CF8 F899
83002CFE FC9F
Enable Code (J)
0000E4EB 000A
100014CA 0007

32036694 0080

Infinite Double Jumps
32036742 0000

All Mini Games
82000A82 443E
82000A84 504A
82000A86 5C56
32000A88 0061

Freeze Minigame Time
820303F0 0E11

All sub tanks and filled
820366BC 2020
820366BE 2020

All exe skills
320366CA 00FF

Elf effect
820366F0 0707
820366F2 0707

Inf air in water
8202e8b6 20ce

open all stages
8202e8b6 FFFF

All gallery
42000A70 FFFF
00000004 0002

All game modes
82000a80 3831

9 of all parts
420358C8 9999
0000000D 0002

All foot armor
note 1:
82035904 FF00
82035906 FFFF

All chest armor
note 1:
82035902 FFF0
82035904 00FF

All head armor
note 1:
82035900 FFFF
82035902 00F0

All armor
note 1:
42035900 FFFF
00000004 0002

infinite lives
32035910 0009

32035911 0006

9999 crystals
820366BA 270F

Infinite life
320366A4 00FF

Maxed elf level
320366F0 0007

Moon Jump
D0000020 0001
82036660 FD00
D0000020 0001
82036662 FFFF

Low Game Time
82035918 0000

Infinite Time In Facility
8202EB94 1EAA

0% in Sand Level
8203687E 0000

Infinite Dash
3203673A 00F0

All Cyber Elves
320366F5 0001

Press L+R+Start For Grey Boss Energy
74000130 00F7
3203A4E4 0060

Press L+R+Down To Cripple Bosses
74000130 007F
3203A4E4 0001

1 Hit Kill Bosses
3203A4E4 0001

Max Points after mission
4202E8F4 FFFF
00000005 0002
3202E8FA 00FF

Fast Weapon Charge
720366E4 000A
820366E4 00C8
720366E4 0A00
820366E4 C800
720366E4 0A0A
820366E4 C8C8

Infinite Ammo
320366E6 00FF

Enemy Gun Weapon Modifier (Note 2)
320366FA 0003
320366C1 00XX
320366C3 00??

XX (Weapon Identifier):
03:Gun Weapon
06:Arm Weapons
07:Over Head Weapons

Gun Weapon Digits:

00:Zero’s Regular Gun
01:Multi Angle Shot
03:Exploding Star
04lame Thrower
05:2 Way Shot
07:Ice Bomb
08:Red Laser
09:Regular Shot
0Aire Shot
0B:Homing Shot
0C:Up/Down Shot
0D:Spread Missle
0E:Blue Laser
0F:2 Way Richocet
10:Water Ball
11:Bouncing Ball
12:Light Bulb

Shield Digits:

00:Yellow Helmet Shiel
01:Iron Shield
02:Ice Shield
03low Shield
04rill Shield

Bomb Digits:

00:Bouncing Ball Bomb
01:Timed Bomb
02:Canister Bomb
03:Circular Exploding Ball
04:Spike Spread Bomb
05:Big Rolling Bomb
06:Behive Bomb (Attacks You!)
07:Electro Bomb
08:Boomerang Bomb
09:Ground Flame Bomb
0A:Big Explosion Bomb
0B:Spread Bomb
0C:Red Bomb
0D:Blue Bomb
0E:Bouncing Ball (weak)

Arm Weapon Digits:

00:Extending Claw
01:Glowing Rod
02:Extending Chain
03:Bee Stinger
04:Electro Rods
05:Red Glowing Arm
06:Blue Glowing Arm
07:Extending Drill
08:Card? Arm
09:Enemy Shock Arm
0A:Enemy Flame Arm
0B:Extending Claws
0C:Red Cylinder Arm
0D:Blue Cylinder Arm
0E:Yellow Cylinder Arm
0Furple Cylinder Arm
10:Green Cylinder Arm

Over Head Weapon Digits:
01lame Sword Arch
03urple Sword Arch
04:Spoon Arch

Note 2:Use the correct weapon Identifier with the weapon digit to get the correct Results,this also gives you the weapon in the lower Slot.

Note 1: do not combine these codes! Use one at a time. If you want all Head, chest and foot armor, use the "All armor" code.

Infinite Dash
3203673A 00FF
72036876 1000
32036877 00FF

*You can do the dash even with control pad, not only button

No Boss Invencibility
8203A4D4 0000

Elf Level Max
820366F0 0707
820366F2 0707
820366F4 0363

Fast Charge [Not too fast, you have to hold a little]
720366E4 0010
820366E4 00C8
720366E6 0010
820366E6 00C8

91A2EC7C 8827
04E3A8A3 D00F
85DCEB03 7D80
Access all Mini Games
79F344B1 8806
7AD375F6 47C3
Database Complete
C36EA755 39BA
7B9FF397 5FE1
Access all Modes
FE95DE3C E751
Access all Areas
30662324 11B4
CB9876CE 7FC1
Infinite Lives
7285257E 4203
Infinite Health
DB8A17C6 6F5D
Infinite Crystals
FF8D195A 7A4A
Infinite Dash
66F5E83F C6A3
994A9780 395C
Quick Charge
8C825EE7 7766
571AAFD6 8B8D
Multi Jump
5EC65F66 4743
5EC65F66 4743
F3158148 BA38
Have all Elves
Have all Parts
380D1568 C2E1
Have all Chips
8524CC5D 3898
6B9BB093 5CED
Have all Subtanks
D3E0878E EF3D
7A9BF5B2 54E1
Have all EX Skills
7F153D58 18FE

Original Zero Colour ( Note )
53002CC0 0020
49CA2821 C030
8839F2DE FDF7
5FE36D10 92A0
B9A4BF24 85B9
0ABE0000 A0B4
DC829F93 FFD3

ProtoCrossZero ( Note )
53002CC0 0020
49CAA518 E720
4939EE45 FFFF
5F576D0C 740C
BC14B914 AB95
B19E0000 A0B4
DC829F93 FFD3
78757A72 DE77
78757A72 DE77
72038134 0C04
E2037FF4 5000
7203814A 0c04
5203808C 0002
03050000 0000

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