cs2d Dr.Trojan V1.2 hack

By | April 6, 2012

Aimbot – Left Control / Work 50%

Night Vision / Work 100% F8
Anti-Flash / Work 100% F9
Anti-Smoke / Work 100% F10
Anti-FogWar / Work 100% F11
Anti-EarthQuake / Work 100% F12

Wall-Hack / Work 30% in This Version arrow
WalkThroghWalls / Work 30% in This Version alt buttom

Speed Hack / Work 100%
HotKey in Console speed 0 to 450 up and down…Speed

And More Option Will Be SooN
File Size: 130 kb

My Hack Not Connect to Internet = no virus..



el q no me pone puntos es malo

me costo mucho encontrarlo

a jugar con hack

5 thoughts on “cs2d Dr.Trojan V1.2 hack

  1. franco

    xq no puedo ctivar el aimbot?, cm se hace? cual es la tecla? repondan xfa!


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