Guitar Hero III: Avenged Sevenfold (MF) (PS2)

By | May 27, 2012

Hola gente aquí les traigo el Guitar Hero Avenged Sevenfold, este contiene casi todas las canciones desde sus comienzos y está en todas las dificultades.
AVISO: Todo credito se le da a Subzero, y a Sakura009.

Set List

Tier 1:
Dear God
So Far Away
Until the End
[Coopetive] An Epic Of Time Wasted

Tier 2:
4:00 AM
Seize The Day
[Cooperative] Breaking Their Hold & Warmness On The Soul

Tier 3:
Waking the Fallen & Unholy Confessions
Burn It Down
Critical Acclaim
Dancing Dead
The Fight
[Cooperative] Lips of Deceit

Tier 4:
Welcome to the Family
Unbound (The Wild Ride)
Blinded In Chains
I Wont See You Tonight Pt1
[Cooperative] To End The Rapture & Turn The Other Way

Tier 5:
Danger Line
Brompton Cocktail
Almost Easy
The Wicked End
Buried Alive
[Cooperative] Shattered By Broken Dreams

Tier 6:
God Hates Us
Second Heartbeat
Girl I know
[Cooperative] And All Things Will End

Tier 7:
Bat Country
Flash of the Blade
Lost It All

Tier 8:
Natural Born Killer
Beast and the Harlot
Trashed and Scattered

1 – Nothing to Say (Slash feat. M.Shadows)
2 – Dirty Little Girl (Burn Halo feat. Synyster Gates)
3 – The River (Good Charlotte feat. M.Shadows & Synyster Gates)
4 – Turn Out The Lights (Steel Panther feat. M.Shadows)
5 – Radiant eclipse
6 – The Art Of Subconscious Illusion
7 – Betrayed
8 – A Little Piece of Heaven
9 – Demons
10 – I Won’t see tonight Pt2
11 – Tension
12 – Save Me
13 – Tonight the World Dies
14 – Streets
15 – Clairvoyant Disease
16 – Forgotten Faces
17 – Desacrate Through Reverance
18 – Darkness Surrounding
19 – Chapter Four
20 – Fiction
21 – Strength of the World
22 – Thick and Thin
23 – We Come Out at Night
24 – Eternal Rest
25 – Not Ready to Die


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