Nexus mods para skyrim(tutorial y los mejores) FLECHIPOLLAS

By | August 24, 2012


Primero tenemos que descargar nexus mod manager (es muy facil de usar asi que es la mejor opción)


-Una vez en la pagina de descarga (que sirve tambien para descargar mods) tendremos quee crear una cuenta es muy facil y rapido sin numeros de telefono ni targetas de credito…. 
-Descargamos e intalamos(puede tardar hasta media hora) .
-al iniciar nexus intentara escanear varios juegos para hacerlo mas rapido darle al si o no.
-Para empezar a descargar mods podeis hacerlo desde la pagina de nexusskyrim o desde otros sitios que os conduciran(lo mas probable) hasta le pagina anteriormente citada.
– Hay dos opciones de decarga:
                                               -DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER: iniciara nexus y empezara la descarga cuando la                                                                                                     descarga acabe el mod os saldra arriba con unos                                                                                                   checkbox doble clic i se instalara el mod.
                                                    -DOWNLOADS : cuando hagais clic se os abriran abajo diferentes opciones                                                                                      debereis instalarlos manualmente (al abrirllos habra una nota que                                                                            pondra ”leeme” alli os explicaran como instalar el mod.

            -Algunos mods pueden dar un mal funcionamiento, asi que comprobarlos antes.
             – No todos los mods se instalan igual (en el caso de hacerlo manualmente)


Para los fans de el rubius aqui os dejo un regalo:


tendreis que instalarlo manualmente:
-ir a la carpeta de skyrim y abrir data(de el juego)
-abrir en los dos casos textures-weapons-iron…
-pasar los archivos de las flechipollas al del juego
-abrir en los dos casos data-meshes-weapons-iron
-pasar los archivos de flechipollas al del juego
-disfrutar de el organo masculino mas preciado.


Sounds of Skyrim
DARKSTONE / SKYRIM NEXUSNo, this one doesn’t drop a pair of troubadours named Simon and Garfunkel into a city somewhere doing brooding, two-part harmony. It’s just a way to insert 94 new sound effects that “audibly enlarge Skyrim’s fauna with the addition of various animals, birds and insects that play according to weather, time of day and region.” Think deer, loons, foxes, ravens, wolves, hawks, mountain goats and so forth. What’s more, it adds the sound of rain impacting on structures, bushes that “rustle” when animals scamper at your approach and water that “laps” against logs or partly submerged structures. (See also: Sounds of Skyrim – The Dungeons.)
Get it: Sounds of Skyrim

Sky UI (User Interface)
SNAKSTER, T3T, MARDOXX / SKYRIM NEXUSI’m in the smallish group of apparent gaming blockheads who didn’t mind Skyrim’s stripped-down user interface. If you’re part of the majority who wanted something more traditional (that is, spreadsheet-style) Sky UI may be the most sophisticated Skyrim mod out there (also the most endorsed by mod site Skyrim Nexus’s last count, with nearly 10,000 recommends to date). It’s a full overhaul of the interface that aims to make it “easier to use with mouse and keyboard, less wasteful of available screen space and nicer to look at.” As you can see from the shot above, it basically drops things into an Oblivion-esque series of columns with sub-categorical details and the option to quickly tab between categories, speeding your access to information. If you’re of the “give it to me all at once” persuasion, this is easily the most important mod you’ll pull down for the game.
Get it: Sky UI

A Quality World Map with Roads
ICEPENGUIN / SKYRIM NEXUSWhy didn’t Bethesda add fully articulated roads to their already high-quality world map? Who knows, but this mod adds them while bolstering the texture detail to give you a world map that truly rocks. The person who put it together claims to have walked every single road in the game while hand-drawing each road, and if you’re not a fan of the whole “realistic snow and tree textures” map vibe, this mod offers an alternative Oblivion-style paper-texture overlay.
Get it: A Quality World Map – With Roads

Skyrim HD 2K Textures
NEBULA / SKYRIM NEXUSForget Bethesda’s high-definition Skyrim update, by all accounts this is the texture pack to get. At between four and eight times the resolution of Skyrim’s default textures, it takes aspects of the game to truly photorealistic levels — a whopping 2.2GB of data that “replaces 600 textures and normal maps.” The designer says it’s taken 200 hours to get to this point, that the size of the source files are over 83 GB and that “the amount of energy drinks needed for the work is off the limits.”
Get it: Skyim HD – 2K Textures

Deadly Dragons
3JIOU / SKYRIM NEXUSDragons, they’re so easy to take out in Skyrim once you’ve mastered a few exploits. That, and as this mod-maker notes: “If a giant or a group of 3-4 bandits can take down a dragon, then there’s no need for the dragonborn.” The solution: Make the dragons tanks! Think of this as the Ultimate Dragon Buff mod, wherein dragons get double health, new shouts, armor boosts, extra abilities and even more immunities.
Get it: Deadly Dragons

Midas Magic
XILVER / SKYRIM NEXUSMidas Magic adds over 60 new spells, including beam, spray and projectile attacks and a summonable player house (you know, because every mage needs an on-demand home and hearth). What’s more, you get a whole new way to pull magic together, using “reactor” points distributed throughout Skyrim to create Midas Magic Spells like “Meteor Storm,” “Gravity Well,” “Blaze of Magnus” and ”Spider Horde.”
Get it: Midas Magic

Realistic Smoke and Embers
ISOKU / SKYRIM NEXUSSkyrim does a nice job with smoke and embers. This mod does an even better one. If you want those billowing campfire plumes to look denser, or the grain of smoldering wood to be more nuanced, this mod more than gets the job done.
Get it: Realistic Smoke and Embers

Better Females
BELLAGAIL / SKYRIM NEXUSNo, this isn’t one of those mods, designed specifically for adults-only (though they surely exist). This is rather an extremely well done and substantial enhancement of female facial design. According to the mod-maker, it “replaces  default female face texture lips eyebrows and eye make up with a more improved high rez version,” though adding “If you do not like glamazons you will not like this mod.”
Get it: Better Females

Dovahkiin Hideout
SHAWK / SKYRIM NEXUSYou know what Skyrim really needs? Doctor Who, or at least something like Doctor Who’s TARDIS. That way, wherever you go, there you are (or at least any stuff you’ve bothered to store in this mod’s “Dovahkiin Hideout”). With this update, every house in Skyrim gets a basement hideaway. But the time-and-space-warping thing is, they’re all your hideout…so long as you have a key for whatever house is nearby. What’s in your hideout? A library, an armory, a bedroom, a dungeon, a “door room” that “includes 5 doors to every house in the game,” two enchanting/alchemy labs and tons more.
Get it: Dovahkiin Hideout

Enhanced Night Skyrim
CPTJOKER / SKYRIM NEXUSHere’s another cosmetic upgrade that made my “10 Coolest” November list. This one turns Skyrim’s already lovely-looking night sky into an extraordinary celestial panorama, and it’s been even further refined since I last looked in to include new galaxy nebula variants, make galaxies appear even more vibrant, add a fourth starfield density level and clean up the mipmaps on star textures to make them look better at lower resolutions.
Get it: Enhanced Night Skyrim

Skyrim Flora Overhaul
VURT / SKYRIM NEXUSSkyrim’s trees look lovely at a distance, but get up close and the leaves resemble super-deformed fortune cookies (see the lefthand leaf pullout in the shot above). Skyrim Flora Overhaul aims to replace that unsightliness with photorealistic textures and more geometrically complex foliage. The current version increases tree color variation, updates ground cover (grass, ferns, various plants, shrubs), adds snow pines, and — wait for it — an honest-to-goodness potato plant.
Get it: Skyrim Flora Overhaul

JaySuS Swords
JAYSUS / SKYRIM NEXUSJaySuS Swords gives you 51 beautiful new weapons to fool with, including a “Boarding Knife” sword, an “Argonian Battleblade” two-hander, a “Dragonsting” dagger and a “Dragonbrand” greatsword. JaySuS has gone above and beyond in detailing each one, dramatically increasing the range of European-style designs in the game, and they’re all capable of being crafted and upgraded.
Get it: JaySuS Swords

Millenia Weapon Retexture Project
MILLENIA / SKYRIM NEXUSThe Millenia (that’s no typo) Weapon Retexture Project is simple in aim and vast in scope: “[To] have a high-resolution texture for every single weapon in Skyrim,” each handmade. Why didn’t Bethesda just use high-res art in the first place? The mod author’s spot-on: “Actual, professional artists have deadlines, art directors and console limitations to worry about, instead of making everything crazy high res. They actually made most of the stuff at a higher resolution, then scaled down (I can tell by looking at them) due to console limitations. It’s weird they didn’t use the higher-res textures for PC, but such is life sometimes.”
Get it: Millenia Weapon Retexture Project – WRP

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