Ólafur Arnalds :: Discografía completa [MF]

By | February 25, 2014

Ólafur Arnalds :: Discografía completa [MF]


Nacido el 3 de noviembre de 1986 en Mosfellsbær; es un músico, compositor y productor islandés. Ólafur Arnalds mezcla cuerdas con piano, agregando elementos electrónicos, realizando un cross-over entre la música clásica y lo moderno.

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Eulogy For Evolution (2007)

olafur arnalds

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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/6dnu4zo5guqsd4v/2007_-_Eulogy_For_Evolution.rar


:: EP ::
Variations Of Static (2008)


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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/8qscazgvvc58cwm/2008_-_Variations_Of_Static_(EP).rar


:: EP ::
Found Songs (2009)


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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/3r33m0i8ftpl98e/2009_-_Found_Songs_(EP).rar


:: EP ::
Dyad 1909 (2009)


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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/83u6v5ovqoztzb9/2009_-_Dyad_1909_(EP).rar


…and they have escaped the weight of darkness (2010)


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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/xkep4t8dk9xhezx/2010_-_…and_they_have_escaped_the_weight_of_darkness.rar


Another Happy Day OST (2011)


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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/9kv3borvx591e0s/2012_-_Another_Happy_Day_%28OST%29.rar


:: EP ::
Living Room Songs (2011)

sigur ros

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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/al13266w5829ua7/2011_-_Living_Room_Songs_(EP).rar


For Now I Am Winter (2013)


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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/j5nc5t7pry2qqp6/2013_-_For_Now_I_am_Winter.rar


Broadchurch OST (2013)

eulogy for evolution

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htt_ p://www.med_ iafire.com/download/epv1oyn1pvnb1rb/2013_-_Broadchurch_(OST).rar


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Para todos aquellos que nunca escucharon a Ólafur, les recomiendo que comiencen a escucharlo con el disco "…and they have escaped the weight of darkness".
Cualquier crítica, duda o consulta es bienvenida. Saludos.

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