Stubbs The Zombie: El juego que nunca pude jugar.

By | October 26, 2015

Y no pienso volver a instalarlo jamás, por eso no hago un tema,
sólo le dedico este post.

Para que sepan de qué va la cosa acá les dejo un gameplay que encontré por ahí:


Ya ven, tiene mordidas, chorros de sangre, y hasta podés usar miembros amputados como arma. Y tiene gracia, porque la historia está ambientada en el futuro pero la gente viste como en los años 50 ( cosas de yanquis).

Algunas capturas (sin sangre, ya saben ):
Stubbs The Zombie: El juego que nunca pude jugar.

stubbs the zombie




Para mí sigue siendo un misterio Pude probarlo una vez en la PC. Después de formateos y remontajes no pude jugarlo más, y yo sospecho que fue por usar una gráfica Radeon.

La primera vez que lo instalé debió ser………… a finales de 2009. Ahí yo corría Vista con una nvidia. Y el juego funkó, recuerdo que tenía unas texturas muy raras, muy suavizadas. No lo jugué más.
La próxima vez que fui a instalarlo fue en 2011, ahí ya tenía la Radeon, con Xp, y no conseguí hacerlo funcionar más.
Hace unos días miré su artículo en wikipedia y me sorprendió que dice que en 2012 lo retiraron del marketplace debido a problemas técnicos

Chau, muchachos
Stubbs The Zombie: El juego que nunca pude jugar.

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    Muscle Building Supplements Milk – This is a thing that can be authorized in just about any facet of competitive activities. It’s great and can help you get muscle very fast; along with that it likes very good. You would like to consider this too as it can help you build muscle exactly the same means protein does – you do not wish to take them equally. That is protein that is too much.

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    Virility is certainly an important factor in men’s life and in addition it become there is no magical that if men don’t have after that it they will search for this.Andronite Enhanced What considerable looking for is an enhancement creation that will help their virility growing. Much more one of male enhancer can come to be quite difficult to find. In which why this article will along with learn more information about an herbal male enhancement called Zoft virility periodontal.

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    First, a person that products which use chemicals as increased metabolism active ingredient have being avoided.Youth Renu Merchandise are specifically for fighting the fermentation process, but also will spark a lot of problems if you find yourself unlucky. Websites look in the side effects and visualize that each one will happen for you. If you look at the skincare market, you notice each product claims become the best, but every company any different stratagem. The reaction of the human body to chemicals can’t actually be predicted and is particularly best to back off from these creams as an alternative to regretting it later.

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    Pain Absolve RX The other excellent involving good fat is Omega3 fats which usually are found in fish regarding example fresh salmon, sardines, mackerel, and even trout. You need to make sure the fish you eat to obtain these essential fats is fresh, wild caught. The fish from fish farms have been shown to contain less Omega3 fats rrn comparison to the fish caught in the wild.

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    Romaderm Fine wrinkles. Utilize a hydrating moisturizer and their look ‘ll be minimized by you’ll. A firming product can really go quite a distance to decrease the parents of lines that are good. When the moment comes you feel it Skin Care Tips necessary, consider an eyelift.

  67. Arnold Ender

    Eating significance foods and exercising will not only help you reach your Weight Loss goals, but will become you while traveling to as well as happiness.Green Natural Garcinia Cambogia Exercise not only helps with Weight Loss, it relieves stress and helps our bodies rid itself of poison.
    If you’ll be able to afford to exercise equipment or join a gym, use what available to you in the house or enterprise. For instance, there are an associated with bodyweight exercises that could be just as effective as lifting weights. You can also use canned goods as weight load. Your front yard can be a walking or jogging track.

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    Garnorax Male Enhancement Who else is actively trying to enlarge their penis from their home? If an individual anything which include the vast majority of men reading this right now the simple truth is you’ve probably got over a minimal bit a passing interest in Male Enhancement correct? It’s certainly not be embarrassed of. nearly all studies say that up to 75% of males have at the some ‘size insecurity’ plus more than a 1 hour third people have consequently it which i actively seek the advice of a plan.

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    You may like to warm up before commence your intense workout. When you have spent in the five to ten minutes of warmth up, taking everything your daily habit. If you proceed with your routines without warming up, you may situate muscle tissues at risk for strains and cry.

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    Bella Vous Organic products which are completely natural will say such like the catchphrase. If you find a product or service advertised as organic, you have definitely purchase this prior to purchase a competing product that’s not organic. However, you have to learn which labels are effective. A lot of products will advertise themselves as organic, nevertheless, you will see some for this products are questionable at best. In order to spot the actual logos before you put the money for the product. Bella Vous Some of the wrinkle creams can help women who have an obsession with staying young, anti-aging is a woman’s dog if they do not want to become older. Wrinkles are the first signs that are usually growing old you really need to try anti aging cream. If you start with your skin care products at early age you very well may be competent to stay looking younger a lot longer than you friends that aren’t using these. If you are a close friend you will inform your friends about these great products help reduce wrinkles.

  75. Richar Munoz

    Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated, soft, and healthy. Good moisturizing ingredients include capuacu butter, vitamin B5, and shea butter.rejuvenem Grapeseed oil even creates an invisible film on your skin to keep moisture into.
    If you wake at the hot flashes, again, see the doctor or local Skin Care Review nutrition store for some natural treatment methods. I’ve had to try quite a few until I discovered that just eating freshly ground flaxseed (mixed with yogurt or anything for a snack – ground it in a frenzied coffee grinder) worked better than all the additional expensive things i tried!

  76. John feaster

    Since epidermis tissues currently fragile, you would not want to inadvertently damage them by tugging them aggressively.Bella Gold Serum Make use of lightest fingers when applying your moisturizer. Apply the product using an upward motion to lift the saggy areas of one’s dermis.
    Collagen injections work temporarily because they “enlarge” the lips by filling them up. Collagen applied directly to the skin does nothing. Plus, the substance is extracted from cow hides and so many people are allergic onto it.

  77. Trevo Mcury

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  78. arrow wick

    Core Skincare This serum is along with only the most natural item. Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils, Vitamin E Oil, Honey and Essential Oils are perfect for the body. With the right mix these kinds of ingredients, absolutely ensure that the skin will still only receive these in the right amounts. Skin color is certain to be natural and chemical free when simply use they.

  79. adel wenz

    Testx Core Another thing that makes creatine safe is it’s an a pill. How can this be so? Likewise sips gas is already naturally occurring, the supplement you consider serves to raise the amount that already exists on your body. When you are creatine supplements, you are accomplishing the exact same thing as happen to be taking your vitamin health supplement. Your body already has certain vitamins such as K, C and Digital. However, these usually become low because physical structure systems are using them. As a result it is understood and expected that positive if you take supplements in order to replace whatever was lost.

  80. Kevin Doss

    Let’s be honest though complete thing .Xtreme Exo Test to build muscle and excess weight right? What girl doesn’t want a 36-24-36 body? Implies guy would jump in the opportunity for a film star’s body, excellent? We all want these things but truly willing to setup a little dedication to obtain them? Would be that the the dedication you need for this just isn’t as much quite sure people may wish for you believe. You might even start regarding because a fun pastime instead of hard work once an individual used towards the routine. Ideally, you only need to take it one step at a real kick making sure you don’t deviate through the workout assistance. That’s how you is certain to get more muscles tissue.

  81. bomen zen

    Nuvapelle Now, it’s a sensible is, which anti aging skin care products are truly ideal for that complexion and skin condition. As you may already be aware, your skin condition can make as you age. In fact, every 10 years or so, you may notice pores and skin losing essential elasticity and collagen. Around the globe up for to replenish the delicate facial skin with the right topical remedy options.

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    Phallyx Why can’t I make my penis bigger is often a question being asked by men of all parts around the world. Small penis are usually not really new, but advertising of enhancement products have made the problem more evident in recent years. A bigger problem often most of the products being advertised carry out nothing to make your penis grow big and lustrous. Some may even hinder the growth process, help to make it impossible to gain any size at many of! Thankfully, there is a method which will get the task finished. There are special exercises that can make your penis bigger, and consequently are safe with no side effects whatsoever. Every inch you receive will be permanent, very! Here is a look at why the popular enhancement pills, and pumps and other gadgets are not a good options for getting bigger.

  83. Robert Garne

    Diet, sleep and exercise and/or however them frequent going to appear around the eye area.Advanced Lash It is an outstanding barometer of your general overall health even your mood. That area will probably be need a lot of hydration and nourishment. Everybody knows that motor oils like avocado and jojoba do a fantastic job but there are more ingredients that are discovered and will be not well-liked.
    Remember assist yearly regular eye exams. Routine eye exams are vitally important if you wish to reduce your risk of going blind due to complications arising out of continued bloodstream pressure sugar ranges. Your Eye Care specialist will be checking for signs of retinal damage, cataracts and glaucoma simply take respond to treatment if caught with time.

  84. James Tanosi

    The trial period is normally only for two weeks, so it’s not really long enough to see massive benefits (most products need pertaining to being taken no less than 3 months for maximum results).Alpha Male Ex However, this in order to long enough for a person establish how the product is beginning to desires.
    The ultimate way to describe this approach is that running barefoot allows in order to definitely grow your manhood utilizing the very same process that made you grow during puberty. Really can means is the fact that you have enough to practice a little item of science (don’t worry, it truly is!) about how your system grew inside this time – and can easily then replicate this noticable the same process happen again.

  85. ethelmarti

    Garcinia Slim Fit 180 Studies have shown that weight loss is aided when you eat your largest meal at breakfast time, have a medium-sized meal at mid-day and a small dinner. It is also helpful to eat your meat, dairy, and carbohydrates early in the day. Common sense indicates that you should consume the nutrients you require earlier in the day in order to burn them off by day’s end.

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  86. Jeffer Perry

    Be sure before swallowing it that you grind your food into portions that are really small.Goji Life Argentina This may enable present plenty of time to understand when to stop eating to yourself and accelerate your metabolism.
    Trying to lose weight is actually a method that is challenging that plenty of people and every single day struggle. It is so difficult before actually experiencing success using a weight reduction plan that individuals die from obesity related illnesses. Finding a solution to beat obesity is really not as compound as getting a fat loss remedy that individuals could stick to.

  87. Manuel Rhone

    Fat sources too end up being polyunsaturated in your diet plan, drenched, and rotated receive monounsaturated.Testo Black Xt Almonds, cashew, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, walnuts and nut butters are excellent source of fat with your diet construct muscle.
    Carbs produce body i’m able to energy required to perform virtually all those Body Building exercises. Without carbs – no energy resource! With no energy – no buildup of muscle! It’s a simple plan. When you exercise, you build up a food cravings. We’re not talking about sugared sweets or other simple suscrose. Satisfy that hunger with meals of good complex carbohydrates – excellent foods develop muscle.

  88. James Linco

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    If you are looking for taking male enhancement pills, there are several things that you must learn. Most men can never predict they make some very crucial mistakes when it for you to taking penis harmful drugs. To make penis pills work for you, you require to learn these 3 things so that you’ll avoid the mistakes that most men make.

  89. Rachel Rliey

    3 Warnings About One Of The Most Skin Firming Face Creams & Treatments
    A person seeing signs of aging much more positive look in the mirror?Elixir Revolution Anyone see fine lines and wrinkles beginning to appear? Or have you had them for a while and are just deciding assess to try to get associated with them, or at least decrease them? You want to get best collagen firming lotions on market and start using these items.

  90. Roayl Britton

    Is Simple Muscle Building it’s cracked substantially be? It should really aid you in getting that rippled physique you have been aiming for for years or right just an alternative one of those silly books that promises the world and delivers nothing? Let’s find for.Test Stack No 17
    Your strategies Body Building can either be comprising a book, a DVD, an instructor, or a mentor. You go about getting the details you would need to properly work out, you have to learn the method to lift weights so that you don’t injure oneself.

  91. James Miller

    One of the very most recent addendums to the store is ‘Suite 602’.Evanti Anti Aging Skin Cream Applied the last 4 years, this line has more sporty clothing to capture the selling point of the lifestyle contemporary individual. You will find adorable outfits such as form fitting sweaters or embellished tees over tights. Wear the feminine white blouse over dark denim. Get dressed with the beaded gold half vest to dress it up for nighttime. Ballet like shoes with a Swarovski crystal brooch in the heart of the shoe can be purchased with their very own satin bag to keep handy wherever you may venture. Built comfortable and fun and dress up any sort of outfit. Vests and cardigans play in the outfits and Chanel-like jackets present an even more classic the look.

  92. Kevin Cantrel

    Watch Your Blood Sugar Levels on a Daily Source.Diabazole Watching the blood sugar level levels on the daily basis is superb the critical stages to effectively manage type 2 diabetes. Tend to be many monitoring kits that you can rely on when it comes to accurate readings of your glucose. Frequent monitoring aid you assess you are maintaining safe levels.

  93. Lynn Bake

    Do crunches. Because of the various muscles that compose the abs there are a couple of different crunches you are capable of doing.Power Boost Xi With Testo Boost Xi For the oblique abdominals do “side” crunches or “twist” crunches, you’ll know you’re working the right muscles possess feel that long muscle on your side place to tone out.
    The challenge with this way is the lateral stress that gets added onto the knee when you step right down to the side. The knees aren’t designed to take a lot of sideways pressure – all of them are about forward motion and back (like a hinge). There’s some room to maneuver but sideways movement against momentum can be challenging on the knees – just ask any running back in football!

  94. Sean hatc

    Pigmentation may also be caused by taking birth dominance.Rapid Lift Fx If you believe this is resulting in the problem then this visit towards the skin care review Doctor a hormone check is to be able. You might need a lower or higher dose of pills assist you with the inner problem is actually why causing the spots.
    Makeup actually make you look beautiful for some time, on the other hand you desire to get ready for your marriage, it extremely important to stick to the Beauty tips 2-3 months in order to your bond.

  95. tokei renth

    Perfect Skin Anti Aging Serum Perfect Skin Anti Aging Serum You blindly rely upon creams that otherwise are not worthy of your trust. From embarrassment happens a person miss looking into it.

    Perfect Skin Anti Aging Serum Whole grains are present in our diet almost day-to-day. They could be found using breads and cereals. They may be loaded with group B vitamins are generally essential for normal skin functioning.

  96. Davide war

    Having close relationships whenever age is.Ys Cream Being involved although community can produce a healthier, longer life-style. Focus on relationships with normal folks you can confide in to get probably the most of your social everyday life.
    One review that I located was 1 of the actual Botox “alternatives”. Botox injections work by temporarily paralyzing the muscles, smoothing out some for this fine lines for some time.

  97. dorphei welly

    Endurance Test X Sustanon effective steroid, and the various time release formula has proven effective for long term use. It also exhibits less water retention than straight testosterones like cypionate or enanthate, making ideal for your current cut look everybody is after.

  98. Danel Strun

    The secret’s only spending 3 to 4 hours a week in a health club.Endurance Test X For all the hardgainers who workout 6 times a week, jobs come for a pleasant surprise. The reason is hardgainers take longer to recover than people. Letting your body recover is the key to adding muscle. In case you are working out much extra than 3 to 4 hours a week, you are usually overtraining system. This actually is more supposed to weaken muscle tissues than strengthen them.

  99. Sheri Sin

    Nuvega Lash Nuvega Lash If you wear contact lenses, treat them carefully. Certain studies have shown that many people do not adequately take good care of their contact lenses. This may lead to infection, irritation, and possibly vision loss. Always use the proper solution. There is a lot of bacteria in your mouth that can cause eye infections. Plus, rest your eyes from wearing contacts and wear your glasses once a week.

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  100. Rickf Derico

    If you had been on a diet, you would want consider the nutritional information inside the back of one’s food items before you obtain them.Primaderm Cream Issue should hold true with beauty appliances. Before you shell out the money along with the products on your face, components to learn if they’re good for you or ‘t. Try reading the labels and use a rule made famous by Alton Toast. If you can’t pronounce the names of the ingredients, or maybe if it’s something you’ve never heard of, leave item on the shelf and judge another.
    5)Supplement your nutrition! Skin Care Review Find a top rated nutritional supplement and take on an everyday. In our fast paced world, each and every always cover the bases regarding the nutrition the body needs. New scientific discoveries are allowing some incredible things to come forth.

  101. Greg Beane

    Think about it: Why would compound movements be compared to isolation one’s for building your ? Muscle growth occurs when you advance to moving higher volumes of weight than you previously effectively.BioRocket Blast Male Testosterone If that happens while doing flat dumbell flyes for your chest, your pecs will receive bigger. time span. Equally, if you train your chest with bench pressing from a haphazard manner that results in over-training, your chest won’t get any bigger even though you opted for bench pressing over flyes. It’s easy.

  102. Johne Powel

    In Body Building most conventional work-out plans concentrate on specific muscle groups; particularly particularly valuable in building up muscle volume.Alpha Plus Test Booster The same thing could be achieved with interval training, but the effects take longer to achieve.
    Once 2 goals are covered (and of course assuming a person also on the weight system that’s a half intelligent), then outside of is just a little more useful.

  103. Skin Royale

    along these collections, your more younger looking epidermis changes into split, old and wrinkly, and unappealing epidermis. In this way, you look ugly and decades more seasoned than your age. That is the key good purpose why I’m here with the brilliant natual skin care agreement, named Skin Royale Serum , an age-opposing lotion that functions admirably to get rid of of the noticeable look of undesirable…

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    growth hormone treatment accomplishes this through inhibiting positive enzymes which can be worried in fat storage, while stimulating other enzymes related to muscle boom. what is more, those results are seen whilst the pigs are eating 10 to fifteen percent fewer energy than usual. In different words, the pigs eat less, gain more muscle, and decrease belly fats while they are on boom hormone. Ever note how lean pork is in recent times? that’s due to nutrient partitioning.


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    Get permission: If you’re going to be uploading this video on Youtube, and it includes scenes business videos on Youtube,last seen ikka mp3 song I will almost guarantee you that it will be embarked on within the other 2 several. So, in order to travel Youtube’s new copyright terms, send all the people that have the videos you can using and them if you can use them in your video. Getting permission is really a step you are forget, or it’ll make fatal towards the success off your digital video.

  107. Eliza Ram

    Power Boost XI Caloric intake is an important component in any muscle building plan. There are good calories and bad; so focus on consuming healthy whole grains and lean protein along with a good quantity of fresh fruits and veggies. If you don’t eat correctly, you’ll gain fat instead of muscle.
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    Many blogs have forums where you can locate this type of info. I’m stunned this I must not confirm my support for this foolish essence. It is a compelling concept. Weight loss Pills is one of the least popular choices made today. In this article I’m going to show you my thinking process when it is on par with Trim Biofit Garcinia Cambogia. I feel we can infer that from Fat Loss supplement. Trim Biofit Garcinia Diet Pills can take all week. They said that it was a ‘must attend’ event. I am at a loss for adequate words to describe that problem. Let’s find out how to get a Trim Biofit Garcinia Pills.

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  109. AnnaD Rotella

    Mengenix Testo Rampage Try to make sure that you get enough protein in your day. You should try to get around 20-30 grams of protein at each meal. It’s easier to get the protein you need if you get it over the course of the day, rather than trying to get it all at once. As an example, if your goal is to consume 120 grams every day, then break that down to 3 small meals and two snacks, each containing 24 grams of lean proteins.

  110. JuliaD Bard

    This can lead to an additional amount of calories than you need, and if you aren’t exercising hard, you might gain fat instead of the muscle that you want. Increase the protein in your diet slowly, and give you body a chance to convert it to muscle.Nitric Max Muscle Carefully choose the exercises that you include in your routine; certain ones may actually make it more difficult to build muscle. Split squats, neck work and dips can put your joints in uncomfortable positions that can result in injury. More weight should be reserved for bigger exercises such as rows, presses, dead lifts and squats.Nitric Max Muscle If you’re new in muscle building, it is important that you have perfect form before concentrating on power. More weight will be used over a period of time,

  111. Lisa Baue

    Vita Ultimate Garcinia For a reward you can eat out at a nice restaurant. Just keep in mind that portions are often very large. Only eat about half or two thirds of the meal, and request a take-out box to bring the rest home in. Not only will this automatically reduce your portion size and calories, it will also make a tasty lunch the following day.

  112. Lucille Baker

    Try to make your social interactions more rewarding and mutually beneficial to all participants. You should listen and show interest in what other people are interested in. Tell family and friends to pay no attention when you are behaving in a negative, depressed manner. If they only reward your positive behavior, you’ll feel less motivated to mope.Christian Cafe Dating Exercise is extremely important to help combat depression. Studies have shown that one of the best ways to combat all types of depression is to keep your body active. Running, biking, and playing sports can all help you feel less depressed.

  113. GailJ Leon

    Alpha Muscle Complex Set goals that you can realistically achieve. Doing too much too fast will only result in harm. Once you learn what you can lift in the beginning, set reachable goals for the future. Sometimes you might even surprise yourself and reach your short-term goals faster than you thought possible. This can help build motivation and lead you to never missing a workout.

  114. Envy Rx Serum

    Make sure to use this treatment during the day, as the pungent aroma of the vinegar is not something you want on your sheets. Envy Rx Serum For dry or peeling skin, exfoliate to keep blackheads away and open up your pores. Exfoliating sloughs off dead skin and clears your pores. After exfoliating, you are left with a top layer of fresh, healthy skin. Envy Rx Serum You can take care of your skin with a number of natural products found in your kitchen, such as baking soda.

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