The F Word Season 5 – Best Local Restaurant

By | November 18, 2011

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The F Word Season 5 – Best Local Restaurant
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The F Word (also called Gordon Ramsay’s F Word[1]) is a British food magazine and cooking show featuring chef Gordon Ramsay. The programme covers a wide range of topics, from recipes to food preparation and celebrity food fads. The programme is made by Optomen Television and aired weekly on Channel 4. The theme tune for the series is "The F-Word" from the Babybird album Bugged.
Each episode is based around Ramsay preparing a three-course meal at the F Word restaurant for 50 guests. Diners in the restaurant include celebrities, who participate in conversations, challenges, and cook-offs with Ramsay. Other segments focus on food-related topics, such as alternative foods and healthy eating.[2] Finally, there is a series-long feature on home-reared livestock or poultry that is ultimately served to F Word diners on the series finale.

1 Italian Restaurants
2 Indian Restaurants
3 French Restaurants
4 Chinese Restaurants
5 Thai Restaurants
6 Spanish Restaurants
7 American Restaurants
8 British Restaurants – Christmas Special
9 Rest of the World
10 Semifinal 1
11 Semifinal 2
12 Final

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