Zeek the Geek (parte 1 y 2 + packs) Juego infantil (1995)

Hola, creo nuevamente este post que fue eliminado por razones que desconozco (exepto que sea alguna cosa relacionada con Megaupload).

Les dejo el juego Zeek the Geek, con su segunda parte que es dificil de encontrar.
Es un juego infantil, controlamos a un pequeño "gnomo" y nuestro objetivo es resolver el laberinto y llegar al hongo, Facil no? El juego se torna cada vez mas dificil y la parte 2 agrega obstaculos.

No creo que tengan problemas con los requisitos, aunque no estoy seguro de windows vista y windows 7.
El juego descomprimido peso unos…1,40MB (pensar que venia en disquete).


In each of several levels, is trying to get to a . He can’t go through the , and he can only open a if he has a . may find a that he can’t move, and he’ll have to go around it. He may come up to a , but he can push the out of the way. He can collect along the way, but he must avoid the , If he gets too close to a , it will . He may encounter a , but when he gets near it, the opens into a dangerous .

Fortunately, may find an that he can push next to the . When the gets close, the will gobble the , and can pass by. Or, may find a that he can push next to the . The will blow up the , but it will also blow up unless he moves away. may find a in his way, but if he pushes two together, they will disappear. He may find a that looks very much like a , but the is poisonous.

Do you think you can help get to the ? Will you be able to collect any along the way?

Ejemplo de un laberinto:



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